Danny and Abi – Cedar Key

Danny and Abigail

The next painting was from a small 4×6 photograph of my son John Daniel and daughter, Abigail. The picture was taken almost 30 years ago in Cedar Key, Florida. I’ve had the framed photo on the wall by my desk all these years.

I used Arches 140 lb. cold pressed paper.  Winsor & Newton Professional watercolor tubes. Palette: french ultramarine, manganese blue,  burnt sienna, burnt umber, sap green, lemon yellow, cadmium red.

It was a hot Florida day. The sun was straight overhead, not a cloud in the sky.  We had gone over to Cedar Key, a favorite fishing, beaching, dolphin watching spot. Cedar Key was one of my favorite beaches because it was on the Gulf side. With small children, going to the beach on the east, ocean side was never a peaceful, relaxing experience for me as a mother because I had to be constantly vigilant of the small children. Cedar Key on the Gulf side was quiet, shallow waters and I could relax a bit. The peers and bridges were some of my husband, Pat’s, favorite places to fish. This spot, right outside of town, in the salt marshes, Danny and Abi would play for hours, digging up little blue crabs that skittered in droves over the sand from one hole to the next where they would disappear. They collected crabs in their buckets to save as live bait for their dad who was fishing nearby. Oh how I miss these days gone by.


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