Henry Painting

This painting is of my grandson Henry. He was over one day and I asked if he would sit for me and so he did. But, as any 9-year-old boy would do, he got fidgety  and so I snapped some pictures and went from there with the pictures and my model notes.

A couple of weeks later I had finished the portrait and was picking Henry up from school so I took the opportunity to show it to him to get his input. He looked and looked and talked about all the things that he liked about the painting; he liked the design in the couch, and the shirt is really nice and the background is good . . . but his tone was pretty unenthusiastic. This is what he was looking at:

henry portrait

So, I asked him to tell me about what he didn’t like. He was very hesitant, said he didn’t want to hurt my feeling. But, I explained that I was just learning and that I needed his input to make me better. So, he let loose: “Gramma, I’m just too perfect. My nose is too small, I need some freckles or blemishes of some kind and my hair is never that neat. I look more like a plastic toy Henry, like a Henry action figure.” I agreed and told him I really appreciated his input.

So, I mussed him up a bit and the finished product is above.



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