First Show

On August 18 an exhibit opened at Pipp Memorial Hospital in Plainwell, Michigan. It was a juried selection and four of my paintings were chosen.

Beach Babies Framed



The exhibit starts at the beginning of a hall way waiting area with my painting of Charlie and Lula (Beach Babies).

Ruth Framed



“Ruth” (Day Dream) was chosen as well:

If these two pieces look over-framed, it’s because they are 🙂 The idea to enter for this show came up quite suddenly and I didn’t have time to have anything framed, so I made a quick trip to The Heritage Architectural Salvage Company downtown and found these two wonderful frames with glass that I thought might work. Not perfect, but they are getting the job done.



The other two paintings that were selected are “Bridge Closed” and “Hannah and Wolfe” (Trail Ride).

Granted the bar is low on this exhibit, but It’s a start and the encouragement from the other artists with The Southwest Michigan Art Association ( is very nice. There are a lot of talented folks in Pure Michigan.


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