Happy . . . Ever After


Happy . . . Ever After

Watercolor 14 x 14 on Arches 300 lb. rough. I have no idea who took the photo that this painting was done from but, credit to whoever it was 🙂

Two years ago in April, my son Daniel sent out an email to family and friends inviting us to a camp west of Kalamazoo for a  birthday party / proposal to His girlfriend Jennifer Jennings on June 13. The surprise was on us as we all waited, sipping our pre-party wine in the large camp pavilion, that was set with tables and chairs, drinks and snacks. The dining hall was decorated and set up with a feast catered by ChinnChinn.  Dan and His 8-Year-old son, Henry, were bringing Jenny into the camp site in a white, horse-drawn carriage; but it was taking forever.

Finally we heard the clip clop of the horse’s hooves coming down the lane toward the pavilion. Everyone got quiet and tried to hide behind the pavilion wall.  Henry was in the back seat of the carriage while Dan sat in the front holding an umbrella over Jenny to hide her from view. As they approached the pavilion Dan started laughing and yelled “come on you guys, do you really think I could have organized all this on my own?” Then Jenny popped out from behind the umbrella in her wedding dress and they yelled “SURPRISE! You’re all invited to our wedding. Please join us down by the lake for our exchange of vows.” Toph Theisen and his family had flown in, Toph (friend from birth)  to preform the wedding ceremony. As Jenny was walking down the aisle she asked Toph’s four-year-old daughter if she would be her flower girl. Jazz was thrilled as Jenny pulled a tutu out of a basket for her to put on with her Super Girl T-shirt and she scattered petals as she followed Jenny down the aisle beaming from ear to ear. The crowd was abuzz with surprise and delight. No one knew.

This painting is the Happy couple exiting to shouts of “you dawg” and “congratulation. ”

It was a day to remember.