Hannah and Wolfe

Hannah and Wolfe

“Squirrel” – Hannah and Wolfe – Eastfork – Watercolor on Paper  – 13.5″  x  20.5″ – 2016

Painting #4 on this journey. This one was such a redemptive process. We’ve missed this boy. Wolfe was just the best horse ever; full of fire and yet tender and quiet with camp children. He retired this year – rumor has it. He was a beautiful, heavily muscled 17 hands, the largest of all the horses Hannah ever rode.  He was almost black, but would bleach to a deep golden, coffee brown in the summer. Wolfe and Hannah took home a lot of ribbons and trophies in all events; English, Western, Jumping, Dressage, Gymkhana. But, what you see in this painting is the chewy caramel center of the relationship; just a slow, country stroll down a shaded lane after a hard day’s work; stopping to check out the sights and sounds. We all miss those days.


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